Fused Glass

Fused glass -- also called warm glass and kiln-formed or kiln-fired glass -- happens when cut pieces of compatible art glass are fired in an electric kiln to as much as 1700˚ F. We begin by hand cutting large sheets of art glass, usually 24" x 36", with a glass cutter and two special kinds of pliers. We use our own designs, combining different sizes, shapes, textures and colors of glass in two or more layers. Some glass is clear, some is colored transparent, some is colored opaque, some has an iridescent coating, and some is dichroic glass (see Common Glass Terms).

When a piece is assembled, it goes into the kiln on a ceramic shelf and the fusing begins. Multiple firings are usually required; the first firing is generally flat to fuse the pieces together. The flat piece is then placed onto ceramic molds to achieve the desired shape. Grinding, sandblasting and polishing may be applied to complete the final desired piece

Our designs are influenced by textures and patterns from many sources including Native American designs, Nature, fabrics, classic quilts, and architectural styles.

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